Salty Skin

Bluse Tiedye

€87 €145

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  • 40% OFF
  • Tie ribbon with tassels on the collar
  • Neckline embroidered with sequins
  • Embellished hem
  • Noble quality
  • High wearing comfort
  • Order number: 22A-BL-TGL-VP
  • Available:  sofort
  • This tunic is exactly the right model if you are looking for something in a fashionable style and with a visually stretching V-neckline. The pure viscose material of the blouse is particularly breathable and skin-friendly. In addition, the natural fiber has a temperature-regulating effect and is very hard-wearing. The pattern and the embroidery are real highlights. Long sleeves with wide cuffs. This blouse is only a few clicks away from your wardrobe - the best thing to do is to order it now!

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