Designer Claudia Horlin-Smith creates and manufactures Spinach Mafia & Salty Skin apparel – tunics, blouses, dresses, skirts, pants , tees, leather sandals and accessories.

Established in 2006, Spinach Mafia continues to grow with sales throughout Europe and is looking to break into new markets and regions. The Sunshine Collection 2020 has vibrant colours of mint, yellow, pink, purple and blue.

Materials are light and flowing, 100% Cotton and 100% Rayon, featuring detailed embroidery and handmade sequin embellishment on colourful tie-dye and handprinted fabric.

Spinach Mafia is all about girls from 4-14 years, who are dressed to have fun and enjoy goodtimes in comfortable, beautiful garments.

Spinach Mafia is vibrant, colourful and unique.

Enjoy the Sunshine Collection 2020!